Welcome to our new Site and Blog

Our new site combines our old content and a new blog. Now you can follow our art all in one place. As some of you may know I deleted our old blog a couple months ago. Keeping up with multiple sites was taking away too much time from being creative. The content for this new is still being loaded, so some images may not load yet. Check back soon to see it completed and look for new blog entries.


New Landscape Commission Begun

I was contacted recently by a woman who had seen some of my works on display. One of the paintings was one a landscapes purchased by a local business owner. She then approached me about painting a landscape of her home. I met with her and took many reference photos. After several conversations we agreed upon a format and I began the work. It is an acrylic on canvas work measuring 36 x 24 inches.  It is visible int the foreground of the picture below. As you can see I am also still working on several other works, some of which are visible in this photo. Check back soon to follow my progress on them all. Happiness is a loaded brush.

Another Work Completed

I finally completed another of my unfinished paintings. This work is the “Old Keylime House”. It is a colorful waterfront bar and grill in Lantana, Florida. I discovered it while gathering reference photos for some marine paintings. I started this piece years ago and set it aside partially finished. Like many other works I was distracted from it by other works I began, I have finally finished it. Here is  look at this new work.


Busy Times are here again

After completing “Eagle Eyes” I got motivated to complete some of my other unfinished works. I’ve started working on the 3 in the picture below and have another much larger piece waiting for it’s turn on the easel. Just as I jumped into this I was commissioned to do a landscape. One of the pieces in the picture is slated to replace some works that sold recently in Juno Beach. All in all I have much painting to do and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m already planning my next works after these

Eagle Eyes Completed

After many delays and interruptions, I have completed my acrylic on canvas painting “Eagle Eyes”. This the first work completed in my new studio. It measures 40″ wide by 30″ high. It feels good to have it completed and be painting again. I have let too many things interfere with my art in the last several months. I have made a conscious decision to focus more on my art going forward. Besides completing this work, I have several more in progress as well. I hope to here is a look at the completed work.


New Studio, new easel

It’s been awhile since I posted. During that time we sold our old house and bought a new one.  The new place is smaller than old one and I don’t have a dedicated room for my studio in the new house. So I have made some changes. I do have an area in a room with a lot of natural light where I can paint and plenty of storage for my paints, canvas and other supplies. One change I made is to purchase a new studio easel. I built my old one, but I found a nice Dulce Easel on Dick Blick online. It will actually hold canvas up to 82″. That is even larger than my old easel, but it takes up less floor space and collapses completely for storage.  I just assembled it this morning, and I can’t wait to try it out.  The pictures below show the difference between the two.


Tryptyc Triumph

If you follow my blog you may have realized by now that I do not think or create in a linear fashion. By that I mean that I don’t start one project and work it all the way through till it’s finished. I continually have multiple projects going and often create new ones while I still have several left to finish. I eventually finish most of them. Today I can say I finally finished the Wading Bird Triptych I started in January of 2014. It is 3 block prints of linocuts I created of a Black-necked Stilt, a Blue Heron and a Wood Stork. I often see these birds near my studio, so I spent some pleasant time photographing them. I then created pencil sketches from the photos and transferred them to the lino blocks. After carving I hand pulled several block prints of each one. I picked the prints I liked best and framed them together. Here is the finished result.