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Welcome to our new Site and Blog

Our new site combines our old content and a new blog. Now you can follow our art all in one place. As some of you may know I deleted our old blog a couple months ago. Keeping up with multiple sites was taking away too much time from being creative. The content for this new is still being loaded, so some images may not load yet. Check back soon to see it completed and look for new blog entries.


New Studio, new easel

It’s been awhile since I posted. During that time we sold our old house and bought a new one.  The new place is smaller than old one and I don’t have a dedicated room for my studio in the new house. So I have made some changes. I do have an area in a room with a lot of natural light where I can paint and plenty of storage for my paints, canvas and other supplies. One change I made is to purchase a new studio easel. I built my old one, but I found a nice Dulce Easel on Dick Blick online. It will actually hold canvas up to 82″. That is even larger than my old easel, but it takes up less floor space and collapses completely for storage.  I just assembled it this morning, and I can’t wait to try it out.  The pictures below show the difference between the two.


Stilt walker

I’ve got a good start blocking in my newest work “Stilt walker”.  Time to take a little break and fire up the barbie. I’m very pleased with my last several weeks work. I still need to finidh my large piece with the Flamingos, and I picked up some more smaller canvas for some Plien air pieces. My spring is getting off to a good start.