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Block broken, New Work Begun

Well, I as if I didn’t have enough unfinished pieces sitting around my studio, I have started another new work.  It’s seldom that I have only one work in progress. When I’m working in oils I have to wait for things to dry.  With acrylics drying isn’t a problem but I sometimes come to a point in a work where I will stop to rest, or the piece isn’t going the way I want, or I just loose interest or get tired of working on it.  I might leave the piece untouched for hours or days or weeks.  And there are times when I seem to be blocked. Nothing appeals to me and I just can’t get the spirit back to paint. If I try to paint when I am like that nothing works, it is frustrating and unproductive. So I have learned to walk away and wait. Then suddenly, like today the inspiration strikes. Something re-ignites that spark and I MUST paint. Normally when that happens I most often have an overwhelming desire to create a new work no matter how many I already have in progress. So I go with it. I know the passion to create new work will not only take me through it, but will also keep me going and allow me to complete other works and start even more new ones. The way I approach my art is not science, it’s not technical, it’s something creative within me driven to be expressed. When I do express it, I am most fulfilled. When I create a piece I truly love it brings me something I struggle to express. It’s like a part of me was missing and now is whole.  Anyway, I  have given you another peek inside my mind and now here is the peek inside my studio at my latest work in progress “Eagle Eyes“. 


Studio Throwback

I was going through some things the other day and found some interesting old photos. I have not always had a dedicated space to use just for my painting, but I have always tried to take pictures of my works in progress, and just finished. Looking back at these reminded me of all the different places I have made my art, and the reasons I made it. These are not great quality photos. They were taken with cheap film cameras usually using a flash. Before I knew much about photography and before the days of digital cameras. I thought you might enjoy getting a peek into how my art evolved.

  I painted this first piece on my breakfast table on a tiny folding easel for my son Matt.

This piece was back when I painted in my garage. I’d open the door when the weather was nice to get the natural light. I built the floor easel from scrap lumber I had. This was taken sometime in 1991. This piece is lost, so if you stumble across you have found an original.

This piece was done in 1997 on a tabletop easel. The flash really washed this one out.

The Loggerhead canvas is show on the second floor easel I built. By this time I had moved to a spare bedroom as my studio. It had one nice window for natural light and an overhead light for artificial lighting. This photo was taken sometime in 2000.

This is another work done in my spare bedroom studio in 2001.

New and old

New and old seem to be my theme at the moment. I recently inherited a vintage water color set made by Devoe and Raynolds. I’m looking forward to creating some new art with these old paints. I also have new and old unfinished pieces sitting in my studio staring at me. I have had a lot going on the past few weeks that took me away from my studio, but the spark is still burning and I’ll be posting new works soon.

One just done, one just begun

I just put my signature on my latest work “Sandpiper in the surf”, and started sketching my next one “Stilt Walking”. Both are 24×18 acrylic on deep canvas. I have several more pieces on the easel right now but I’m keeping them hidden for the moment. I don’t want to give away all my surprises yet. Keep watching for more new works soon.