Tryptyc Triumph

If you follow my blog you may have realized by now that I do not think or create in a linear fashion. By that I mean that I don’t start one project and work it all the way through till it’s finished. I continually have multiple projects going and often create new ones while I still have several left to finish. I eventually finish most of them. Today I can say I finally finished the Wading Bird Triptych I started in January of 2014. It is 3 block prints of linocuts I created of a Black-necked Stilt, a Blue Heron and a Wood Stork. I often see these birds near my studio, so I spent some pleasant time photographing them. I then created pencil sketches from the photos and transferred them to the lino blocks. After carving I hand pulled several block prints of each one. I picked the prints I liked best and framed them together. Here is the finished result.


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